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Wild about Elderberry & Apple Jelly label image

Natively wild elderberries, one of Irelands oldest and greatest 'superfoods', are packed with anti-oxidants, riboflavins and vitamins. This delicious preserve is equally versatile. It's scrumptious on hot buttered toast or try a dollop with pancakes, porridge and with ice cream. For a savoury twist, try with goats' cheese, Stilton or an Irish blue. . .YUM!
Ingredients: Elderberries, apples, sugar, cinnamon, orange

Wild about Rockin' Rosehip label image

Rosehip, a native Irish 'superfood' has the greatest concentration of vitamin C of all fruits! Traditionally used as a cough/cold remedy, this delicious little berry makes one tantalisingly delicious jelly for toast, scones, pancakes or in porridge. When a cold is coming on, dissolve a spoonful in hot water with a squeeze of lemon for a traditional remedy.
Ingredients: Apple, sugar, rosehips, water, lemon

Wild about Marrowmalade label image

Delicious old-style marmalade made from marrows, with a taste of citrus and a hint of ginger. Try this old war-time recipe for breakfast on hot buttered toast. Absolutely YUM!
Ingredients: Marrow (47%), Sugar, Lemon, Ginger

Wild about Black Betty's Bramble Jam label image

Succulent hedgerow blackberries, spiced rum, Madagascan vanilla and lemon juice rock this unique autumn preserve. Delicious for breakfast, lunch or tea. Spread on pancakes, toast or scones. Try with soft cheese or even stir through porridge.
Ingredients: Blackberries, Madagascan vanilla, spiced rum and lemon juice

Wild about Ull-Spiced label image

A classic fruit cheese, delicious on toast, waffles and pancakes. Spread on puff pastry & roll for the most delicious spiced apple swirls. Warm gently and pour over ice cream. For a savoury, it's simply perfect with chorizo, gammon, ham and cured meats. Great on a cheeseboard and particularly good on top of grilled black pudding.
Ingredients: Apples, cider, water, sugar, cloves, cinnamon

Wild about Raspberry & Vanilla Jam label image

Delicious succulent Wexford raspberries collide with sticky Madagascan vanilla to make this truly scrumptious preserve with tantalising flavour and delicious aroma. Great on toast, scones and pancakes. Try a dollop in natual yogurt for a delicious treat. This grown-up raspberry jam simply elevates a homemade jam sponge to dizzying heights!
Ingredients: Raspberries (50%), sugar, Madagascan vanilla pods

Wild about Wexford Honey label image

Honey doesn't come much better than this! Provided by native Irish bee breeder, Joe Rath of Ballycanew, this delicious unpasteurised nectar is delicious on its own, over ice creams, fresh fruit salad or in tea. Honey is one of our most valuable medicinal natural products.
Ingredients: Just pure unadulterated natural wild honey

Wild about Reckless Rhubarb label image

Zingy-ting-tastic Reckless Rhubarb is back and its better than ever! Rhubarb, spiced with orange, ginger and cardamon, is simply delicious with mackerel; sublime with goats' cheese but try it with blue cheese, like Cashel or Wicklow Blue, . . . OMG! It's to die for! Amazing in a bacon sandwich and simply unbelievable stirred through a curry or add a tablespoon to your next rhubarb crumble. UMMMMM!!! Savoury or sweet, Reckless Rhubarb is impossible to beat!
Ingredients: Rhubarb (56%), sugar, sultanas, vinegar, orange, ginger, cardamon

Wild about Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam label image

A seasonal favourite, the delicate elderflower balances perfectly with the tart, ripe gooseberry. Delicious with grilled mackerel, spectacular with goats' cheese and scrumptious with ice cream but there is nothing quite like this delicious jam on warm buttered toast. Every bite is magic!
Ingredients: Gooseberries, sugar, elderflower, water, lemon

Wild about Honeysuckle Heaven label image

Honeysuckle is the most effective herb against streptococcal bacteria. This delicious jelly is made with the fragrant petals of wild native honeysuckle. A sweet golden jelly with the natural taste of honey, delicious spread on toast or warmed and drizzled over pancakes, waffles, french toast, ice cream or even porridge for a heaven-sent indulgence!
Ingredients: Apples, sugar, wild honeysuckle

Wild about Marigold Jelly label image

A beautiful golden jelly made with marigold petals and apples. The delicate floral flavour is great on toast or sublime as a glaze on fish or chicken, even roasts. It comes into its own on a cheeseboard, particularly with a ripe brie but also good with cold meats.
Ingredients: Apples, sugar, water, marigold petals, lemon juice

Wild about Strawpepper Jam label image

Wexford, the home of Irish strawberries, is the source of this delicious preserve with a twist.  Succulently sweet Wexford strawberries combine with spicy black pepper and tangy balsamic vinegar to make this versatile sweet or savoury preserve. Delicious with grilled mackerel, spectacular with goats' cheese and scrumptious served warm over ice cream but there is nothing quite like the comforting caress of this delicious jam on warm buttered toast. UMM UMM GOOD!  
Ingredients: Strawberries, sugar, balsamic vinegar, black pepper

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